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Question 21 : I use Windows XP and Java 8 can’t be installed

Talren v5.1 and Foxta v3.2 install Java 8 update 51. This version is supported by the minimum Windows Vista operating systems.

If you still use Windows XP, we suggest

  • uninstalling Java 8 using the menu ‘Add or Remove Programs ‘ ;
  • installing Java 7 update 80 – 32 bit, wich runs on Windows XP.

Question 22 : Foxta v3 et Talren v5 : the font size is too small

With a Windows 10 operating system and a high scale update, thank you to contact us at



These FAQ's are intended to help users quickly resolve day to day problems with our software and all associated drivers.
We have provided useful links for drivers and other embedded programs that our software uses.
However, if these items do not resolve the problem please contact Terrasol or your local agent for support, and provide a description of the software version you installed, the Windows system you use and the detailed problem you encounter.