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Activation of Terrasol license keys

On this page you will find the information you need to activate Terrasol license keys.

Terrasol licence keys use Sentinel LDK, a protection technology developed by Thales®.

Sentinel Hasp: technology used until about 2011
Sentinel Hasp HL: technology used until approximately 2016
Sentinel LDK: technology used from 2017 onwards

The Licence Manager Terrasol software and the Keys Information / Licence window are tools developed by Terrasol. They are based on the Sentinel LDK tools from the publisher Thales® for key management.

  • Licence Manager Terrasol allows the management of keys locally on a computer
  • The Keys Information / Licences window displays the keys that can be accessed locally and on the network from a computer

You have just acquired one or more Terrasol license keys:

You already have a Terrasol license key and wish to update it:

Activation or update of a key without internet connection:

Manual activation of a single-user or network key

You already have a software network key and wish to transfer it to another server:

Transfer of a software network key

License manager:

Sentinel Admin Control Center

For more information:

More information

How to identify a key?