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For 60 years, setec has been contributing to innovation and technical excellence

setec was established in 1957, from the passion of its founders, Henri Grimond and Guy Saias, for engineering.

Starting in the 1960s, setec gradually expanded through subsidiaries and international business. Among the world’s leaders in multidisciplinary engineering, setec is owned by its engineers.

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setec also features flagship project all around the world

Playing a role in the largest current construction projects, in many parts of the world, the group’s engineers take up the challenges of sustainable development, mobility and energy transition by always bringing value to the projects they carry out.

60 years of pioneering spirit for quality of life

Our history has been written alongside the major constructions of recent decades, in France and worldwide: the Beijing Opera, the Kourou Space Center, the Grand Louvre, the Rotana Tower or the Riyadh metro … identifying setec as a leading engineering company.

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