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High value-added geotechnical engineering

Geotechnics is a complex discipline that finds its place at the border of natural science, exact science and construction techniques. It is constantly evolving as analysis tools and construction processes progress to respond to integrated projects in an environment of ever increasing constraints.

There are two main geotechnical concerns: evidently, ensuring structural stability, as well as optimising projects.

As a renowned leader in geotechnical consulting in France and abroad, Terrasol supports its customers, whether they are clients, companies, industrialists or civil engineering contractors, based on specialist expertise accumulated over almost 40 years. With its integration in 1999 into the Setec group of multi-disciplinary consultants, Terrasol has maintained total independence with regard to contractors or financial organisations.

Our activity

Our activity focuses on geotechnical consulting for all types of structures (civil engineering structures, underground works, linear structures, buildings, harbours, industrial facilities, etc.), as well as subjects related to natural risks (sliding, cavities, seismic risks, etc.).

Depending on the context, our services include preliminary studies, contracting, geotechnical syntheses, project management services (studies and works), assistance during the tender phase, detailed design, external control and independant checks, or may also cover diagnostic/expertise phases.

In addition to this engineering activity, Terrasol has also developed exclusive expertise in the following areas:

  • Geotechnical software: development and marketing of Talren, K-Réa and Foxta calculation software. Terrasol also distributes the Plaxis software in France and in some French-speaking countries.
  • Geotechnical training: every year, we provide a multitude of in-house and group training courses, in France and abroad.

Board of directors

With Valérie Bernhardt as Managing Director, the Terrasol Management Committee consists of: Hervé Le Bissonnais (Deputy Managing Director), Fahd Cuira (Scientific Director), Sébastien Burlon (Director), and Jean Drivet (Director – Manager of the Terrasol Rhône-Alpes office).