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Technical support

The Software Department proposes (for each software of its catalogue) technical support services, i.e. a “hotline” with an annual subscription, covering questions about the use of each software.
The questions may be submitted by phone or email  (
Please contact us for conditions.

Technical assistance

The Software Department can assist you and help you, in the frame of a given project, to analyse and model a solution using Terrasol or Plaxis software: help to build a model, help to define construction stages, help to analyse software output, etc. These services are punctual and proposals are setup on demand, depending on your exact requests and needs. Technical assistance is in-between technical support and training.
Please contact us for conditions.

Development of geotechnical software on demand

TERRASOL proposes development services for geteochnical software: calculation kernels, user interfaces…
Please contact us for conditions if you have development projects.