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A well-known leader in the geotechnical engineering sector in France and internationally, Terrasol supports its customers by providing specific expertise developed over almost 40 years. This support has naturally led to the development of a training activity over the last 20 years, initially based on Talren, Foxta, K-Réa and Plaxis software.

For a long time now, our customers have been showing a growing interest in our training courses, which go beyond the ‘software’ domain and focus on geotechnical design and modelling in the broadest sense of the term, with a range of courses increasingly available internationally, in French, English or Spanish.

In 2023, we will have trained more than 400 engineers in 40 sessions, which testifies to the dynamism of this activity: the transmission of our knowledge is more than ever a major component of our business and actively mobilises our scientific management and Terrasol’s engineers.


We offer two different kinds of training:

  • open-company training courses, the dates of which are available in our training catalogue and which take place on our premises (only in French)
  • in-house training courses, which are prepared and organised at your request, and which take place on your premises. You can make a request by sending an email to

Find all the information about our training sessions on the page Activité de Formation.

Find out more below training catalogue for 2024 and the registration form.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information..

Here is the training catalogue in French :

Terrasol training catalogue for 2024