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Our team

TERRASOL’s strength is derived from its team of some 70 engineers specialised in geology and soil and rock mechanics. Most possess complementary competencies in the civil engineering areas that interface with geotechnics – structural design, construction materials, hydraulics, construction techniques.

The company’s organisation in small teams is the guarantee that its accumulated experience is constantly shared among all the engineers to ensure high quality services on a solid scientific basis. The high quality of service is mirrored in the quality of the documents that is achieved thanks to the application of the latest office systems and graphics software.


Computing resources

Furthermore, thanks to its software development activity, its permanent monitoring of technology developments and, of course, its daily project activity, TERRASOL is highly skilled in the use of the mose powerful numerical modelling tools for geotechnics: slope stability and reinforcement, foundations, retaining structures, water seepage and finite element methods.

In terms of computing resources, Terrasol is equipped with:

  • latest and powerful computer workstations, as well as several enhanced computers dedicated to large 3D FEM calculations
  • its own calculation software: Talren , K-Réa, Foxta and Slake
  • Plaxis 2D and 3D
  • CESAR-LCPC 2D and 3D
  • FLAC 2D and 3D
  • as well as several additional geotechnical calculation software