Casablanca Finance City Tower – Morocco

The project, located on the site of the former Anfa airport (Casablanca), consists of a 25-floor tower with six underground parking levels (down to 20 m deep). The geology consists of loose formations some ten metres thick, underlain by a schist substratum. The phreatic level is expected at 8 m below the groundlevel. The temporary retaining walls consist of:

  • a soil-nailed wall for the upper part, its stability checked with Talren calculations,
  • a wall with rock bolts for the lower part, its stability checked with block calculations.

In the context of the construction of the Casablanca Finance City tower, BYMARO, the contractor in charge of the works, has contracted TERRASOL:

  • to conduct geotechnical detailed studies related to the design of the temporary retaining structures, the drainage system, and the soil-structure interaction aspects,
  • for the follow-up of the works

We also carried out the studies of the tower settlements, and of the control system for water under-pressures. The follow-up of the works on site was carried out by our Morocco-based geotechnician. It included the follow-up of the excavation operations: validation of the soil nails pull-out tests, checks during excavation, fractures survey, advice on project ad-hoc adjustments.

Terrasol’s achievements:

  • Geotechnical design
  • Works follow-up on site
PERIOD :  2015 - 2016
Client : BYMARO
Partenaire : SEMARTEC
Main specifications :  

  • 25-floor tower with six underground parking levels
  • Soil-nailed wall for the upper part
  • Wall with rock bolts for the lower part