New Laâyoune harbour – Morocco

The new harbour in Laâyoune is a facility that will enable exploitation of the Boucraa phosphate deposits.

This structure – designed for an operating lifetime of 100 years – is subject to specific loading conditions owing to its exposure to a marine environment, which is always aggressive.

The studies and works are being carried out by the Greek company Archirodon with support from the Danish company Cowi for the project management.

For more than a year, Terrasol and Setec Maroc have been working together on behalf of Jesa Team Maroc which is accomplishing a general assistance and consulting mission for Phosboucraa, a subsidiary of the OCP SA group.

Terrasol’s and Setec Maroc’s missions are essentially focussed on the foundations of a maritime viaduct providing access from landside to the quays of the vast harbour zone.

With a length of 3170m, this structure runs perpendicular to the coastline, and includes nearly eighty 40-m long spans. Each span is built on supports comprising 5 driven steel piles, some of which are inclined.

The design of the piles is based on a variety of compression and traction loading tests that were analysed by Terrasol and Setec Maroc. Optimisations were sought taking care, however, to guarantee a sufficient degree of robustness and reliability.

Terrasol achievements

  • Geotechnical assistance
  • Design and optimization of the piles
PERIOD :  2020 - On-going
Partner: TEC MAROC
Main specifications :  

  • Maritime viaduct 3170m long
  • 80 spans of 40-m each