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Question 1 : FOXTA V4 – Negative friction

The Tasneg module was voluntarily not included in the Foxta suite because it implemented the Combarieu method which is no longer standardised (in the sense of NF P 94-262). Foxta v4 proposes to estimate and integrate the effect of negative friction on a deep foundation via the Taspie+ module. This module allows to evaluate the negative friction and its effect throughout the deep foundation via the resolution of the axial equilibrium of the soil-pile assembly. For more information, the Taspie+ presentation illustrates all theoretical aspects:

Question 2 : I get trouble when I run Foxta after the v3.2.12 update

The update of Foxta v3.2.12 needs a Java environement version 8 – 32 bit. Java 6 and 7 are not supported anymore and need be updated. So you could download the following installer : Java 8 update 121.

If this installation doesn’t solve your problem, could you re-install the sofware completely. Please download the installer and if the problem still occurs, contact us or your local agent.

Question 3 : Foxta v3 et Talren v5 : the font size is too small

With a Windows 10 operating system and a high scale update, thank you to contact us at



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