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K-Rea checks the design of retaining walls using the subgrade reaction method: diaphragm walls, sheetpile walls, soldier pile walls, etc.

New ! 

K-Réa v5 marks a major evolution of the software and brings several new features, including script mode, phasing tree structure and direct gateways with Talren and Scage software.

You can now install K-Réa v5 and benefit from a trial license valid for 30 days!


The main new features of K-Réa v5


  • Script mode

K-Réa v5 provides a script mode interface, allowing you to modify or define an entire K-Réa project using a series of commands (actions, phasing, options, etc.). The interface is equipped with an automatic script generation mode for ease of use and comprehension. Parameters with a default value in the interface are not mandatory, reducing the text to be entered to a strict minimum, while leaving the possibility of imposing them at any time.

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  • Phasing tree structure 

K-Réa v5 offers the option of modelling a phasing tree structure, which makes it possible to deal with complex phasing involving several loading situations or construction scenarios, for example. This also makes it possible to compare several phasing variants within a single project and identify the most optimal one.


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  • Direct gateway to Talren for importing active/passive earth pression diagrams

Talren can be used as a tool (via a dedicated module) to draw up passive and/or active pression diagrams in situations where conventional tables of  passive and active pressure are not directly applicable: complex stratigraphic  profile, particular hydraulic or seismic conditions, presence of reinforcing  elements in the ground, etc. K-Réa v5 includes a dedicated gateway for  automatically importing these diagrams from Talren.

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  • Direct gateway to Scage for structural checks

At the end of a K-Réa calculation, it is necessary to decide on the structural resistance of the screen. For reinforced concrete screens (diaphragm walls, secant or jointed piles), these structural checks are the subject of the Scage software developed by Terrasol.

K-Réa v5 automatically generates a Scage project to formalise these checks.




  • A reliable and robust calculation engine based on a finite element formulation of the static equilibrium of the screen
  • A user-friendly interface for visualising phasing and actions, with graphical and numerical access to the key results required for dimensioning
  • Script mode for modifying or fully defining a K-Réa project using a series of commands
  • Modelling of a phasing tree to handle complex phasing
  • Ability to model two interacting wall using tie rods or struts
  • Automatic processing of seismic calculation taking into account dynamic active AND passive earth pression increments
  • ULS checks (Eurocode 7), including the integration of a MEL model for cantilever screens and a Kranz model for anchor wall.
  • Treatment of 2nd order moments




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