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How to identify a key?

Sentinel LDK, from Thales, is the technology used for setting protection keys.

Sentinel Admin Control Center allows you to display information about your single-user or network key. Among other things, you can consult its KeyID.

Each key is identified with the following:

  • The Vendor Code 76299 (specific to Terrasol keys)
  • A KeyID number and
  • A key type
    • Single-user key: Sentinel HL Pro
    • Network Key: Hasp SL AdminMode

To identify your key :

  • Single-user key: plug the USB key locally on your computer and access Sentinel Keys
  • Network key: access  Sentinel Keys  directly from the server or user workstation.


If you want to know the licenses hosted in the key:

  • Single user key: click on the Products button in the Actions column
  • Network cloud key: click on the Net Features button in the Actions column

Our Sentinel Admin Control Center page will give you more information on managing license keys.




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