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Installation : silent mode

It is possible to use Terrasol installers in silent mode (no questions are asked  but the progress of the installation is visible on the screen) or very licentious mode (absolutely nothing is displayed in this mode).
  • Software installation: download the installation file of the software to be installed from our Catalogue. Two commands are possible:
{filename_to_run} /silent Or {filename_to_run} /verysilent   When silent or very silent mode is used, the Thales Runtime and Java are not installed. It is therefore possible to install all Terrasol software one after the other without any problem. {filename_to_run} -i -nomsg   MsiExec.exe /i amazon-corretto-8.x.y.z-windows-x64-jre.msi /qn   You need to replace x/y/z with the correct version number to match the freshly downloaded file. It is the final /qn switch that determines the silent launch.

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