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Slake is a software dedicated to the analysis of the liquefaction hazard of soils subjected to seismic loads, from the exploitation of in situ tests.

Slake allows the quantification of this hazard by applying the semi-empirical method of the NCEER based on the exploitation of in situ SPT and/or CPT(u) tests. The calculation of safety factors is complemented by the determination of additional indicators of induced effects
such as post-liquefaction settlements of saturated soils and the liquefaction potential index (LPI).

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Following the recent discovery of a critical flaw in the Java log4j library, we wanted to reassure all our Foxta users that the software is not affected by the flaw. No update is therefore necessary.

Find below the recording of the webinar of the last update, available in french only:


  • Implementation of the NCEER reference method (Youd & Idriss, 2001) for the calculation of safety factors for liquefaction hazard.
  • Implementation of a complementary calculation option NCEER/CT45-AFPS2020 in accordance with the recommendations of the Technical Paper “Evaluation of soil liquefaction risk under the effect of earthquakes – Practical knowledge and applications to geotechnical projects” of the AFPS to be published in 2021
  • Transparent implementation of the calculation with full control over all modelling parameters and assumptions
  • Possibility to lead analyses based on CPT(u) and/or SPT test data  treatment.
  • User guidance with numerous help figures, permanent visual control of input data, and wizards for the automatic definition of certain hypothesis in accordance with current legislation (acceleration/magnitude pairs, additional tool for soil sensitivity to liquefaction)
  • Clear differentiation of stress states in the massif to account for evolutions of piezometric and/or topographic conditions (cut/fill in large masses) in service conditions compared to the conditions at the time of boreholes
  • Calculation of additional indicators such as seismo-induced settlements of soils under water (estimated from different methods), liquefaction potential or cumulative liquefiable heights in relation to a predefined safety threshold
  • A powerful graphical tool for the representation of borehole data and calculation results, including the configurable overlay of analysis results from different boreholes and the projection of flat representations of the main results (kriging interpolations)
  • A user-friendly interface facilitating navigation between different boreholes and integrating import/export and unit conversion tools on the fly
  • Generation of configurable calculation reports for the representation of input data and analysis results
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