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Slake is a program dedicated to the analysis of the liquefaction hazard of soils subjected to seismic loads, based on the exploitation of in situ tests.

Slake allows this hazard to be quantified by using the semi-empirical method of the NCEER with SPT and CPT(u) results. The integration of additional indicators complements this analysis, providing insight on induced effects such as post-liquefaction settlement of saturated soils and the liquefaction potential index (LPI).

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  • implementation of the NCEER reference method (Youd & Idriss, 2001) for the calculation of safety factors againt liquefaction.
  • implementation of a complementary calculation method NCEER/CT45-AFPS2020  in accordance with the recommendations of the Technical Notebook “Evaluation du risque de liquéfaction des sols sous l’effet des séismes – Connaissances pratiques et applications aux projets géotechniques” of the AFPS, to be published in 2021.
  • a transparent implementation of the calculation with full control on all modeling parameters and hypothesis.
  • ability to conduct analysis based on the processing of CPT(u) and/or SPT data.
  • an assistance to the user with numerous help figures; permanent visual control of the input data and wizards for the automatic definition of calculation hypothesis (acceleration/magnitude, soil sensitivity to liquefaction)
  • Clear distinction of stress states to account for changes in the piezometric and topographical conditions (large excavation / embankments) in service conditions.
  • calculation of additional indicators such as seismic-induced settlements (estimated using different methods), liquefaction potential or cumulative liquefaction heights against a user-defined safety threshold.
  • a powerful graphical tool for representing tests data, calculation results, superimposing analysis results from different tests, and the mapping of the main results (via kriging interpolation)
  • a user-friendly interface providing easy navigation between multiple tests, easy import and export functionalities and on-the-go unit conversion.
  • customizable calculation reports for representing input datat and analysis results.

CPTu data vizualisation

CPTu liquefaction analysis results

SPT liquefaction analysis results

CPTu results comparison

Printing wizard for reporting of input and output data




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