Banda Azúl hydroelectric project – Bolivia

Located in the foothills of the Eastern Cordillera separating the Amazonian plain from the Andean highlands, the Bolivian province of Chaparé (Cochabamba department), has a high hydroelectric potential that Bolivia is developing in order to cope with the increasing energy needs of the country.

As part of the Banda Azúl project, developed by ENDE CORANI (Bolivian electricity company), SETEC GROUP (SETEC ENERGIE ENVIRONNEMENT and TERRASOL) is working on behalf of AFD (French Development Agency), the co-financier of the project, for an expert mission on sediment management and geological / geotechnical topics.

Following a field mission performed on site in December 2018 and on the basis of the geotechnical surveys already carried out, TERRASOL is in charge of the geotechnical design review of every structure of this project.

These structures include: a concrete gravity dam with a retaining capacity of fifty meters, a seven-kilometer water conveyance tunnel, underground wells and decompression chimneys, an engine room, a one-kilometer sediment diversion tunnel, as well as a dozen weirs to control the sediments.

Terrasol’s achievements

  • Field mission carried out in December 2018
  • Geotechnical design review of every structure of the project
PERIOD :  2018 - On-going
Client: French Development Agency