Sizewell C EPR project – United Kingdom

Sizewell C project deals with the construction of two new EPR reactors in Suffolk, United Kingdom.

The site’s geotechnical context is marked by the presence of deformable soils, requiring a fine-tuned processing of the effects of the soil-structure interaction under static and seismic actions.

Terrasol has been involved in several steps of this project.

Firstly, our experts took part in the Expert Panel organised at an early stage by Edvance, where the goal was to identify optimisation opportunities regarding the soil-structure interaction (SSI) analyses with respect to the buildings’ replication rates.

The static and dynamic SSI studies for the buildings of the nuclear island have been entrusted to the ICOSH consortium, of which the Setec group is a member. In the framework of this consortium, Terrasol carried out the dynamic SSI studies for all the buildings of the nuclear island (site analysis, kinematic interaction, dynamic impedance functions), as well as the sensitivity analysis and external control studies for the static SSI aspects (non-linear elastic model using the Tasplaq module of the Foxta suite).

In parallel we were also entrusted with studies of the prestressing chamber (PSG), which have consolidated the expertise we gained at the time of the studies conducted for the Hinckley Point EPR project.

Terrasol achievements

  • Participation in the Expert Panel organised by Edvance
  • Static and dynamic SSI studies
  • Studies of the prestressing chamber
PERIOD :  2020 - On-going
Main specifications :  

  • Two new EPR reactors (3.2 GW)
  • Low carbon electricity production