Saint-Laurent des Eaux – France

Within the framework of the Saint-Laurent des Eaux silos decommissioning project, relaunched by EDF, it is planned to install waste extraction installations on the roof of the silos to allow their dismantling, their cleaning and finally, their demolition.

The project includes two identical reinforced concrete silos dating from 1970. The are about two thirds buried and separated from each other by a 2 cm thick joint.

Terrasol’s mission : establishing the dynamic impedance functions of the silos and to define a Soil-Structure Interaction modeling methodology adapted to the context of the project: translation/rotation coupling effect with asymmetric embedding and the interaction with the neighboring silo.
The calculations were performed with a hybrid model coupling finite elements and boundary elements using SASSI2010 software.

Terrasol’s achievements

  • Project management
  • Survey and works for storage slope stability
PERIOD :  2020
Main specifications :  

  • Dismantling
  • Buried silos
  • Dynamic SSI