New Islamabad International Airport, Pakistan

ADPI is the General Project Manager for the construction of the New Islamabad International
Airport for the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

The site of the new airport is located in a context of pre-Himalayan plain, with soils of sedimentary origin.

The specificity of the project is the construction of a very high embankment under extremely variable weather conditions: summer temperatures regularly exceed 35 °C and there are large rainfalls at the same time.

The wettest season of the year is from June to September, with heavy rains and storms.

In this particular context, the construction of a high embankment requires specific precautions, and TERRASOL, at the request of ADPI, has conducted an expert geotechnical assessment of the behaviour and the construction conditions of the embankments.

Terrasol’s achievements:

  • Geotechnical expertise
  • Finite element modelling of the embankment behaviour with time (consolidation)
PERIOD :  2014-2015
Owner : Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority
Project Manager : ADPI
Main specifications :  

Very high embankment