A new terminal for Male Airport

As part of a Design & Build contract for the construction of a new terminal for  the Maldives airport, Setec group works along Saudi Ben Laden Group, contractor to which the construction was awarded, as the global Project Manager for the project.

The new terminal has a target area of 102.000 m², and a scheduled capacity of 7.3 million passengers/year. It will handle up to 1741 takeoffs/landings during rush hour. It requires advanced expertise in airport design, but also geotechnical and maritime structures.  The Setec teams are leading a consortium including Studio 1M-2 and Archetype Engineering Solutions. Setec is in charge of the preliminary and detailed design.

Terrasol worked on this project within Setec teams: during the first phase, we defined the soil investigations program, and prepared the specifications for this testing, adapting them at best to the specific site context, to the soil layers and characteristics, to the structures to be built, and to the resources available locally.

Following the analysis of the soil investigations results, Terrasol proposed and studied several solutions for the terminal foundations (shallow, deep, by soil improvement or reinforcement). We finally oriented the design towards a solution of deep foundations, well adapted to the stratigraphy presenting sandy deposits on a substratum of coral sedimentary rocks.

During the detailed design phase, Terrasol also ensured the review of the solution of driven piles made of pre-stressed reinforced concrete, which were being executed, carrying out the analysis of the implementation method, of the calculation reports and of the dynamic loading tests reports.

Terrasol’s achievements

  • Program, specifications and analysis of the soil investigations
  • Design of a solution of deep foundations
  • Review of the solution of driven piles made of pre-stressed reinforced concrete
  • Analysis of the dynamic loading tests reports
PERIOD :  2016 - 2018
Client : SBG
Main specifications :  

  • Target area of the terminal of 102.000 m²
  • 7.3 million passengers/year