Upgrading of Aisne-Meuse dams

The project to modernize Aisne’s and Meuse’s dams consists of the replacement of “needle” dams, built at the end of the 19th century, with automatic dams equipped with water-inflatable sealing, in order to improve navigability, to secure agents, as well as to to optimize and to increase the reliability of the current rivers management.

The Design & Build consortium COREBAM (several companies of VINCI CONSTRUCTION FRANCE) entrusted Terrasol with the detailed design of the temporary and permanent sheetpile retaining structures for 9 of these new dams, located between Revin (08) and Verdun (55), as well as in the Soissons commune (02).

The dams studied by Terrasol each consist of:

  • A fish pass to ensure fish continuity,
  • Two/three steps of the dam water-inflatable sealing system,
  • One/two river piles and two connecting abutments (one on each bank),
  • A technical room accommodating the equipment control devices for the operation of the water-inflatable sealing.

The studies carried out allowed us to propose various solutions for the retaining structures construction, as well as technical optimizations, while taking into account the soil layers heterogeneity and execution constraints (limited space, presence of existing structures, sheetpile driving limit, …).

Terrasol’s achievements

  • Detailed design of the temporary and permanent sheetpile retaining structures
  • Optimization of the retaining structures
PERIOD :  2016 - 2018
Services fees: 260 000 €