Extension of dock TMDC n°4: Assistance from tendering process until construction phase (France)

The Grand Port Maritime de Nantes – Saint-Nazaire is proceeding with the downstream extension of the waterfront of general goods and container terminal 4 (TMDC 4).

The contract awarded to the consortium BOUYGUES TPRF – COLAS – DTP TERRASSEMENT covers the construction of a reinforced concrete quay 350 m long, on driven metal pile foundations, backed by a platform formed by backfilling over alluvial deposits reinforced with rigid inclusions.

The works also necessitated reprofiling of the bank by backfilling and dredging.

TERRASOL has worked with the consortium as geotechnical consultant from tendering phase to construction phase.

During the construction phase, TERRASOL produced the general geotechnical synthesis of the project, as well as the earthworks stability studies (Talren calculations), and pile driving studies. The pile driving study was conducted using numerical simulations based on the theory of wave propagation in a pile set in the ground. It covered the definition and adjustment of the driving criteria, and the verification of the load-bearing capacity obtained.

The works have been in progress since June 2015. All of the rigid inclusions have been completed, and 25% of the piles have been driven (update June 2016).

Terrasol’s achievements:

  • Geotechnical consultancy from tendering phase to construction phase,
  • General geotechnical synthesis of the project,
  • Earthworks stability studies,
  • Pile driving studies.
PERIOD :  2015 - 2016
Owner : Grand Port Maritime de Nantes - Saint-Nazaire
Client : Bouygues TP
Main specifications :  

Reinforced concrete quay 350 m long