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I followed the installation procedure for the network hardlock (provided in the Talren v5 manual), but the ‘client’ computers cannot connect to the network hardlock.

The hardlock key works from a broadcast sent by the 'server', which has to be recognised by all 'client' computers: - the server (see below for detailed installation) You must install both the hardlock driver and the license manager on the computer to which the network hardlock will be connected (it can be the network server but it's not compulsory). This can be any computer on the network that is "visible" to all other users. The server should be on all the time and permanently connected to the hardlock. - the clients You must install Talren 4 and the local hardlock driver on all client computers. When running Talren v5, select "Network" instead of "Local" on the first menu screen. Network installation is more complex than single user and it is essential to use the latest drivers to keep up with the latest Windows updates. If you encounter problems, the latest license manager and hardlock driver can be downloaded from the following links:
  • license manager (v8.32, Mai 2008);
  • kit_installation_LDK_8.13 (both for the server and the users computers,  (version 8.13 - compatible  Windows 10®, Windows 8.1 SP1®, Windows 8®, Windows 7® SP1, 32 and 64 bits) : download, unzip and execute the hasp_drivers_setup.bat file.
Alternatively, if you still encounter problems, please visit the Aladdin website: ("Support & downloads", hardlock type is HASP hl, NetHasp). Detailed installation procedure for the 'server' (please follow the order of operations indicated below)
  1. Disconnect network hardlocks from the server if any. If this is your first Aladdin installation, go to step 4.
  2. From the Control panel (Add/Remove programs), uninstall all previous hardlock drivers and license managers on the server.
  3. Reboot the server.
  4. Install the hardlock driver from the link above.
  5. Install the license manager from the link above. Important : do not install the hardlock driver when prompted at the end of the license manager installation (versions are incompatible).
  6. Switch the server off, connect the network hardlock and start the server again.
  7. Wait for installation to complete and then run Talren v5 on a 'client' with the program/drivers previously installed (see 'Clients' above), selecting network mode.

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