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After following the detailed procedure, ‘clients’ do not see the network hardlock. How can I solve this problem?

The installation of the network hardlock may require additional setup according to your operating system or network setup.
  1. Check to see if the HASP key is visible by downloading the Diagnostic tool from the Safenet website.
    • Install this on the server.
    • Open port 475 and if necessary download the nethasp.ini file (unzip this file). Define the IP address of the firewall if NAT is activated or the IP address of the server if VPN exists.
  2. In the DOS command window, type the following instruction: "telnet IPServer 475" with the IP address of the server instead of the word "IPServer". Is an error message displayed or not? (the port 475 should be opened so that the network hardlock can work properly). If an error message is displayed, contact your IT department and ask them to open port 475.
  3. It is sometimes necessary to setup the nethasp.ini file (unzip the file):
    • NH_SERVER_ADDR = ( should be replaced with the IP address of the server). This file NetHASP.ini should be placed in the installation directory of Talren 4 for instance (it can also be placed in the C:\Windows\System32 directory, which enables sharing with all other Terrasol programs).
    • in some cases, NH_TCPIP_METHOD = UDP should be changed to NH_TCPIP_METHOD = TCP
    • in some cases, "broadcast" should be "disabled".

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