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Network software license activation

  1. Download the kit_installation_LDK_8.13 ;
  2. Install the Environment LDK launching the hasp_drivers_setup.bat file ;
  3. Execute the RUS_Terrasol.exe file, choose the first tab "Installation of new protection key" and click on Collect Information to generate a C2V file.
  4. Send the C2V file to Terrasol at ;
  5. You will receive from Terrasol the V2C file needed for the installation of your license ;
  6. When you have received the file, execute the RUS_Terrasol.exe file and choose the second tab "Apply License File" ;
  7. Click on the "..." button on the right of the input field, in the bottom of the window ;
  8. In the window that opens, specify the path to the V2C file received  from Terrasol ;
  9. Click on Apply Update. The message "Update applied successfully" should tell you that the operation your license is activated.
When running the software program, click on the "network" icon to run using the software license.

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