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TALREN is ideal for checking the stability of geotechnical structures, with or without reinforcements: natural slopes, cut or fill slopes, earth dams or dikes. It takes into account various types of reinforcements such as: anchors and soil nails, piles and micropiles, geotextiles and geogrids, steel and polymer strips.


Talren v5.2 brings an improved user-experience and new technical functionalities:

  • implementation of a new start screen for ease of access to all recent projects
  • new importation tools for all modelling objects (points, segments, etc…)
  • capacity to create reinforcements and loads sets for an easy definition of complex projects
  • introduction to the new sensitivity analysis tool that allows Talren to automatically quantify the weight of the input parameters of your model in the variations of the global stability safety coefficient


Talren v5 is available in two versions: full version or LT version. The LT version gives access to the main slope stability analysis functionalities of Talren but blocks the definition of reinforcements and the use of the yield design calculation and of the sensitivity analysis tool.

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  • use of extensively used standard methods with a calculation engine validated over 20 years of practice
  • extended applications using the yield design method (logarithmic spirals) to tackle the limitations of the generally used slice methods
  • handling of construction stages: several construction stages can be checked in the same project
  • automatic search of the circular failure surfaces
  • compatibility with the British application documents of EC7
  • predefined or custom partial safety factor sets to comply with many current calculation norms
  • links with other software : Plaxis 2D (loading of the geometry, soil properties and mesh of pore pressures), AutoCAD® (geometry)
  • user-friendly graphical interface, for data input (many input wizards), for result analysis and reporting




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