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Scage is a software dedicated to the structural analysis of reinforced concrete retaining walls in accordance with Eurocode 2.

Scage is a design tool, initially developed in partnership with the company Atlas Fondations (Franki Foundations Belgium), for the internal balance of reinforced concrete retaining walls in accordance with Eurocode 2 (French and Belgian annexes) and the French national application standard of Eurocode 7 (NF P 94-282).

In particular, it makes it possible to calculate the necessary longitudinal steel sections for the ULS and SLS conditions as well as the necessary transverse steel sections for the ULS conditions from the results of the equilibrium calculation.

Scage will be available in our catalog in January 2021, don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more! Install Scage to request an evaluation license directly from the home page! 




  • Exhaustive and automatic generation of the envelopes of the internal calculation effort diagrams (from a preliminary calculation under K-Réa for example or imported from an Excel file) from the “offset” rule
  • Calculation of the necessary longitudinal and transverse steel sections from the internal design effort diagrams
  • Reinforced concrete calculation for single bending and compound bending: treatment of partially and fully compressed sections as well as in pure traction
  • Calculation of allowable stresses of concrete and steel
  • Calculation of required minimum steel sections of steel
  • Consideration of different permissible steel stress zones for the SLS over the height of the wall (cracking control)
  • Integrated and independent reinforced concrete calculator to quickly check individual sections outside of the project being treated
  • Possibility to access the intermediate results of any reinforced concrete calculation
  • Representation of the ULS deformation diagram and SLS stress diagram of each section
  • Graphs and tables can be exported to the clipboard and to Excel
  • Flexible management of several scenarios to examine different solutions
  • Possibility to work with unit length of a wall or on the width of a reinforcement cage
  • Possibility to work in metric system or imperial system
  • Synchronisation with the results of the K-Réa or MS Excel calculation
  • Integrated data validation system
  • Detailed user manual and scientific manual
  • Detailed printout report after calculation

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