Scage v2.0.12 – 04/12/2023

Scage v2.0.12

  • Added compatibility with K-réa v5
  • Added the ability to assign multiple phases in an envelope
  • Added compatibility with Foxta v4 for Piecoef variants with multiple head loads
  • Improved user experience on small resolutions
  • Various corrections to printouts

Scage v2.0.11 – 02/08/2023

Scage v2.0.11


  • Various graphic corrections
  • Addition of a message on the home page linking to the Terrasol training page
  • Corrected display of bars on elevation drawing

Circular section

  • Improved performance of the calculation engine when there are several phases
  • Fixed a display bug that prevented all the elements of a cage from being displayed in circular mode when there were too many of them
  • Fixed a bug in Excel imports for piles
  • Fixed import of Groupie projects

Scage v2.0.10

update 2081 to

Scage v2.0.10 – 07/07/2023


  • Correction of a bug on printouts that could lead to a crash of the application when consulting graph tables
  • Moved some parameters in the Phases/Envelopes tab
  • Various graphical corrections
  • Addition of a pop-up alert when changing the geometry of a case wall, forcing the user to reinitialize the phases
  • Various graphic corrections

Circular section

  • Pile pre-sizing module added
  • Steel ratio added to “Steel sections” tab
  • Concrete stress, steel stress and ELS crack opening graphs added
  • Correction related to GammaS at ELS Fundamental

Rectangular section

  • Added the possibility of displaying bars with their nominal diameter in cutting drawings
  • Corrected a bug that prevented bending modes from being displayed correctly in the “Steel sections” tab
  • Correction related to the inclusion of GammaS in the Accidental ELU.

Reinforced concrete calculator

  • Rectangular: correction linked to ELS verification in torsor table
  • Circular: correction linked to the calculation of the cross-section required at ELS


  • New section added for pile pre-sizing module
  • New, more streamlined layout for greater clarity

Scage v2.0.8.1 – 01/06/2023


  • Fixed a bug on printouts that could cause the application to crash.

Known bug

  • In some cases, displaying curves as tables can lead to the application crashing. Please do not attempt to click on the “Tables” tabs until a fix is provided

Scage v2.0.8

update 208 to

  • Fixed a bug on printouts that could close the application

update 207 to


  • Ability to import the results of the K-Réa v4 combination calculation
  • Possibility to select several phases at the same time to include them in an envelope
  • Correction of a random communication problem between the interface and the calculation engine that could prevent calculations to be completed in the case of projects with a large number of phases
  • Correction of a navigation problem in the printouts related to projects with several cases to print


  • Positioning of longitudinal bars in relation to the edge of the pile section and not in relation to the centre
  • Enrichment of graph legends
  • Automatic choice of the phase in the interaction diagrams tab of the Results map
  • Systematic creation of the 1st cage element
  • Possibility to delete a custom level in the mobilised resistance graphs
  • Possibility to automatically fill in the elevation levels of the longitudinal bars from the element levels (if they are entered), option to be activated in the Project parameters
  • Visualisation of all longitudinal bars on the section drawing present on the height of the bars being defined

Scage v2.0.7

  • Reversal of the calculation of the mobilisable shear strength of the pile sections
  • Consideration of the load length of longitudinal bars of pile cages
    Correction of some texts
  • Improvement and correction of the elevation drawing for circular projects

Scage v2.0.2

update v2.0.1 to 2.0.2

  • Fixed a bug in the calculator in circular mode that sometimes prevented
  • Calculations from being performed
  • Added the cage for cast wall projects
  • Added the possibility to build a cage to check steel stresses

Scage v2.0.1