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FOXTA v4 is a software suite dedicated to foundation design and covers a wide range of applications:

  • conventional calculation of shallow and deep foundations according to the application standards of Eucocode 7 (NF P 94 261 and NF P 262)
  • the modelling of one or more interacting rafts.
  • the calculation of reinforced foundations with rigid inclusions under the raft or slab
  • the calculation of a group of interacting piles or barrettes
  • the treatment of negative friction and transversal earth pressure problems under static or seismic loading
  • calculation of mixed foundations and semi-deep foundations

Important: if you have a version older than or equal to Foxta v4.1.13, you should upgrade all user workstations manually on an exceptional occasion. To read more

Following the recent discovery of a critical flaw in the Java log4j library, we wanted to reassure all our Foxta users that the software is not affected by the flaw. No update is therefore necessary.

New ! New v4.1 update with new features in TASPIE+ and TASPLAQ modules

    • Activation of a third “calculation mode” to deal with the case of a finite number of piles or inclusions (taking into account edge effects according to a generalized MV3 model – ASIRI 2012)
    • Activation of an “assisted input” mode to generate t-z/q-z laws from PMT, CPT or G shear modulus tests
    • Possibility to explicitly differentiate positive and negative boundary friction (with automatic capping at ktand x sigv’)
    • Possibility to take into account the influence of a more deformable deep layer
    • Free soil settlement can now be defined point by point independently of the layers
    • Direct access to the key results required for the design of a single pile, a group of piles and rigid-inclusion reinforced piles
    • Direct access to angular distortion (local differential settlement) in any direction of the plate

To get a quote for a new Foxta v4 licence or an upgrade from Foxta v3, contact us via the quote request form.



  • FONDSUP  : Bearing capacity and settlement of an isolated footing from PMT, CPT or laboratory tests
  • FONDPROF  : Bearing capacity of a single pile or a group of piles from PMT or CPT tests
  • TASSELDO : 3D calculation of displacements and stresses
    in a massif of any stratigraphy
  • TASPLAQ : 3D calculation of slabs on multi-layer soil
    elastic (settlements and stresses)
  • TASPIE+ : Settlement and negative friction for single and group piles and rigid inclusion reinforcements
  • PIECOEF+ : Calculation under transversal load of piles
    and barrettes with or without earth pressure
  • GROUPIE+ : Calculation of a group of piles or bars connected at the top by a rigid footing
  • SEMIPROF : calculation of semi-deep foundations and monopiles under combined loading




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