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As a recognized leader in the field of geotechnical engineering in France and abroad, Terrasol supports its customers with specific know-how developed over nearly 40 years. This support has naturally led to the development of a training activity for nearly 20 years, initially based on Talren, Foxta, K-Réa and Plaxis software.

For several years, the interest of our customers for these training courses has been confirmed, beyond the “software” theme, towards geotechnical design and modeling in the broadest sense, with an offer that is also increasingly deployed internationally, and training courses that can be held in French, English or Spanish.

In 2021, we have trained more than 250 engineers in 30 sessions, which testifies to the dynamics of this activity: the transmission of our knowledge is more than ever a major component of our business and actively mobilizes our scientific management and Terrasol engineers.

For any question related to the training activity, please contact us at


What are the types of training offered?

Training in geotechnical calculation software : they allow the handling of the interfaces of the software by using them on current and complex practices. Our training programs integrate the normative aspects to be taken into account. Our trainers encourage trainees to keep a critical eye on the results obtained in relation to the problematic addressed.

Training in geotechnical design : they allow to go beyond the practice of the software to treat specific dimensioning problems. These sessions are not focused on the use of the software but rather on how to approach the design of the structure by using, if necessary, all our software.


What are the training session formats offered ?

Inter-company sessions : These training sessions are an opportunity to meet other professionals and to follow programs built around a specific geotechnical issue, or to discover a software. They are held in our Parisian offices.

Intra-company sessions : The organization of an intra-company training is an opportunity to develop specific programs for your employees, and allows you to address broader or more targeted issues than those proposed in our inter-company training.



Terrasol’s scientific department regularly implements new programs in order to better meet the expectations of our customers and partners, whether in relation to the informed use of our geotechnical calculation software, the dimensioning of structures, or the application of current standards.

Terrasol provides about 30 training sessions of this type each year. Quotes are established on demand, according to your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us at to organize one of these sessions, specifying if possible: the software concerned, the number of trainees, the place of the training, the period envisaged for the training.



What are the modes of intra-company sessions proposed ?

Face-to-face sessions : These sessions take place in your offices, the trainer comes to your place and brings the training material as well as the license keys to use during the training. It is also possible to hold the training in our offices in Paris or Lyon, which can be useful if your employees live in several agencies or simply if you do not have a training room available for the occasion.

Distance Learning Sessions : These are sessions that take place online via Teams. You will receive the invitation with the connection link a few days before the session starts as well as access to the license to be used during the session. In addition to avoiding the costs associated with travel, this mode offers the possibility of being recorded and facilitates screen sharing between participants.

As a training organization and after our extensive experience, we always have a preference for the face-to-face mode. It allows richer technical exchanges and a more fluid sharing of knowledge between the trainer and the trainees.



How does a Terrasol training session work ?

Before the training session
• Communication with the beneficiary or with the client who wishes to position one or more beneficiaries (via e-mail, telephone or contact form).
• Formalizing the registration :
○ For an in-company session: summary of the needs expressed in the form of a proposal quote and acceptance of this quote.
○ For an inter-company session: fill in and send the signed and dated registration form.
• Each beneficiary receives a convocation.
• We ask trainees to complete an online positioning questionnaire to assess how they relate to the objectives and program of the session.

During the training session
• The session begins with a round table discussion to share participants’ expectations with the group as a whole.
• The trainer introduces himself/herself and the training session (objectives, program, logistics, etc.).
• The program is then reviewed (presentations and exercises).
• Each day we ask the participants to sign the attendance sheet.
• An end-of-training assessment is initiated to collect the participants’ feelings orally.
• We ask participants to fill out an evaluation questionnaire to find out how satisfied they were with the session, as well as a multiple choice test to evaluate the degree of acquisition of the objectives.

After the training session
• Once the session is over, the invoice is sent to the client or beneficiary directly.
• A satisfaction questionnaire is then sent to the client, the trainer and the financer.
• We then analyze all the feedback from the stakeholders to identify if improvement actions are needed in the future.
• Some time after the training, we ask the trainees to fill in an evaluation form to assess what the training has brought to the trainee in his daily work.