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Through experience undertaking geotechnical projects, TERRASOL has developed a specific CAD tool for the semi-automatic processing of geotechnical data within drawings and their display in 2D and 3D.

Straticad combines efficiency, simplicity and graphical quality, providing significant time savings even when dealing with a small number of boreholes.

Straticad can import boreholes databases provided as Excel®, Access® and Open Office® spreadsheet files. The link between the database and the CAD software is set and saved within the drawing file.

Currently, Straticad integrates with Autocad® and Autocad LT® environments (Versions 2013 to 2020), Bricscad  and ZWcad.



Layout tools
These tools enable:

  • rapid and accurate layout of borehole symbols on the top view and longitudinal profile;
  • calculation and import of boreholes locations on a project axis;
  • automatic layout of borehole logs.

Borehole log creation tools
These tools provide numerous options for the clear display of data:

  • text and level columns;
  • hatching columns;
  • curve columns (Possibility of the title and scale based surveys);
  • columns associating texts and curves, or hatching and curves;
  • columns including symbols.Once preferences have been set, Straticad generates a unique Autocad “block” for all or some of the database boreholes depending on the user’s instructions. This “block” may be saved within the CAD drawing or shared on a server.

2D and 3D objects created with Straticad are natively handeled by your C.A.D software, making it easy to share your projects with others.




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