Design of foundations

FOXTA enables the design of shallow, deep and raft foundations.
Complex analysis can be carried out with Foxta, such as:

  • piled-raft foundations;
  • rigid inclusions;
  • interactions between several foundations;
  • pile groups.


  • FONDSUP now allows you to design shallow foundations using CPT results. Learn about this new feature with the latest update of Foxta v3.
  • TASPLAQ and TASSELDO allow to display the calculation results automatically as shadings instead of points clouds.


Foxta is now available both in French and English languages.

Manuel Foxta v3: update 29th June 2015.

Key points of FOXTA v3

  • user-friendly interface (Windows©) : enables for simple applications (1 single module), as well as for complex analysis (use of several comnied modules).
  • graphical displays of results.
  • numerous wizards: determination of qs and kp for example...

8 modules than can be combined:


  • FONDSUP and FONDPROF: bearing capacity and settlement of shallow foundations and piles (using pressumeter and static penetrometer tests results), according to french application standards of Eurocode 7: NF P 94-261 for shallow foundations and NF P 94-262 for deep foundations.

  • TASSELDO: elastic and oedometric settlement of groups of shallow foundations subjected to various distributions of vertical loads.

  • TASPLAQ: 3D (or 2D) calculation of settlements and stresses for rafts and pavements of any shape, subjected to complex loading systems.

  • TASPIE+: calculation of piles under axial loading, and of stiff inclusions (below pavements or embankments) according to ASIRI recommendations.

  • PIECOEF+: single pile or pile group subjected to lateral loading (p-y model), with elastoplastic soil behaviour, g(z) curves option, and calculation of shear forces and 2nd order deformations. This module allows for calculations of monolith type required for stiff inclusions projects.

  • GROUPIE+: pile group topped with a rigid footing and subjected to full loading torques. Calculation may either be controlled manually (using equivalent stiffness matrices) or be handled automatically (calculation of gobal equilibrum taking into account the piles and the multi-layered soil, as well as their interactions).

  • TASNEG: evaluation of negative skin friction along a single pile or a pile group according to Combarieu's model.

  • Display of the calculation results as shadings in Tasseldo
  • Foxta v3: a software suite composed of 8 standalone/interacting modules
  • Main window of Foxta v3
  • Tasplaq module
  • Tasplaq: example of mesh
  • Foxta v3 - Tasplaq 3D: example of results
  • Foxta v3: Calculation method for rigid inclusions
  • Foxta v3: Example of results (curves)
  • Example of application in Foxta v3: piles group
  • Example: g(z) wizard (Foxta v3)