PLAXIS 2D Dynamics

Single source vibrations and earthquake simulation

TERRASOL is Plaxis agent for France and french-speaking countries. If you are working in other countries, please contact Plaxis sales department.

The Plaxis Dynamics module is an extension to PLAXIS 2D. It offers the tools to analyse the propagation of waves through the soil and their influence on structures. This allows for the analysis of seismic loading as well as vibrations due to construction activities.

Specific input data for this module are the absorbent boundaries, the wave velocities and the dynamic loading (harmonic loads, real earthquake data in SMC format, user-defined loading).

The dynamics module enables to view output such as displacements and velocities, spectra and animations (movies).

Key points of PLAXIS 2D Dynamics

Typical examples:

  • Seisms
  • Pile driving
  • Vibrating machines