Advanced program for slope stability

TALREN is ideal for checking the stability of geotechnical structures, with or without reinforcements: natural slopes, cut or fill slopes, earth dams or dikes. It takes into account various types of reinforcements such as: anchors and soil nails, piles and micropiles, geotextiles and geogrids, steel and polymer strips.

Version Talren v5 is now available !


  • Talren v5.1 incorporates many changes in its user interface, including isovalues display or pore pressure during import of a pressure mesh.
  • Talren v5.1 LT : a new light version of talren v5 in now available. It incorporates all Talren features except yield design and reinforcements.

Contact us to get more information about this new version.

Key points of TALREN v5

  • user-friendly graphical interface  (Windows©), for data input and for result analysis (mouse drawing, graphical displays)
  • handling of construction stages: several construction stages can be checked in the same project file
  • automatic search option for circles
  • predefined partial safety factor sets, including British application documents of EC7
  • links with Plaxis (v8 to 2D2012): ability to load a PLAXIS 2D geometry, and to import Plaxis pore pressure meshes
  • ability to load background drawings (jpg or gif formats)
  • wizards
  • calculation kernel validated by 20 years of use on real projects

  • isovalues display or pore pressure during import of a pressure mesh
  • Reinforced earth with soil nailing
  • Gabion (yield design calculation)
  • Soil nailing
  • Strips
  • Rigid inclusions (yield design calculation)
  • Dike