PLAXIS 2D Plaxflow

Transient groundwater flow in saturated or unsaturated soils

Nota bene: TERRASOL is Plaxis agent for France and french-speaking countries. If you are working in other countries, please contact Plaxis sales department.

PLAXFLOW enables to analyse 2D unsaturated and time-dependent groundwater flow. It is specially designed for use by geotechnical engineers and offers easy input of parameters. This offers the possibility to take into account the influence of flow on soil deformation and stability.

Soils can be modeled with different soil behaviours, among which linear or Van Genuchten models.
Specific input data for PLAXFLOW include:

  • screens, wells and drains;
  • different boundary conditions (prescribed heads, inflow/outflow, precipitation/evaporation);
  • time-dependent, linear, harmonic or user-defined boundary conditions.