2D finite element package for geotechnical design

TERRASOL is Plaxis agent for France and french-speaking countries. If you are working in other countries, please contact Plaxis sales department.

PLAXIS 2D AE is a robust and user-friendly finite element package developed for geotechnical engineering. It allows for 2D analysis (plane or axisymmetric models).

PLAXIS 2D AE is commercially available since february 2014.
Don't hesitate to contact Plaxis about purchase conditions.

Key points of PLAXIS 2D

  • user-friendly interface (Windows©), for data input, stages definition and results analysis.
  • fully automatic mesh generation.
  • full set of material behaviour for soils (linear elastic, Mohr-Coulomb, Hardening Soil, Soft Soil, user-defined soil models...).
  • groundwater flow and consolisation analysis.
  • structural elements (plates, geogrids and anchors) and soil-structure interaction.
  • safety factor analysis (phi/c reduction).