The wizard's display is troncated. What can I do ?

To solve this case, please, check the following steps :
- right click on the desktop,
- personalize,
- display : the size of the text and different items set to 100%.
If 100% is already defined :
- change the size to 125%, validate and
- change again the size to 100% and validate

Note :  modifying this parameter modifies also the icons' order of the desktop display.

Why does an anchor have no effect on the results of the installation phase ?
When installation an anchor with no prestress force, the anchor will start working only from the next phase, because only the prestress force is taken into account in the installation phase of the anchor (the anchor stiffness is activated in the next phase).
Are all actions in K-REA independant from each other ?
No, some actions need to be combined with others. For example, the actions "Sheeting installation", "Berm" and "Hydraulic gradient" need to be preceded by an action "Excavation-Water". A warning will be displayed if this is not the case, and this is also highlighted in the technical manual (description of each action).
When activating a strut as the single action in a given phase, the results mention a non-convergence for this phase. Is it normal ?
In K-REA, the action "strut installation" generates no modification of the wall equilibrium. K-REA then displays a non-convergence which only means that the results for this phase are exactly the same as the results for the previous phase (this is valid only if the strut installation is the only action in the phase).