Font size : Windows 10 and Java

Foxta v3 et Talren v5 : the font size is too small

With a Windows 10 operating system and a high scale update, thank you to contact us at software@terrasol.com.

Compatibility between Windows XP and Java

I use Windows XP and Java 8 can't be installed

Talren v5.1 and Foxta v3.2 install Java 8 update 51. This version is supported by the minimum Windows Vista operating systems.

If you still use Windows XP, we suggest

  • uninstalling Java 8 using the menu 'Add or Remove Programs ' ;
  • installing Java 7 update 80 - 32 bit, wich runs on Windows XP.

Updating my K-Rea v3, Foxta v3 or Talren v5 hardlock

I need to update my K-Rea v3, Foxta v3 or Talren v5 hardlock

The following tools will enable you to update your Talren v5, K-Rea v3, Foxta v3 or Talren v5 hardlock by email. Download the relevant tool depending on your hardlock type and follow the instructions:
USB local hardlock
USB network hardlock
USB evaluation hardlock

64bit compatibilty of TERRASOL software

Are TERRASOL software compatible with 64bit systems ?

Talren v5, K-Rea v3, Foxta v3 and Straticad v1.22 are compatible with 64-bit systems (Windows® Vista/7/8/10). However our software are not compatible anymore with the Windows XP® operating system.

Network installation

Is it possible to connect to the network hardlock through a firewall or from an IP range which is different from the server range?

Yes, it is possible. Refer to the below items in case of a problem

Is it possible to connect to the network hardlock from a different office ?

There should be no problem provided:

  • both networks can "talk" to each other (ping is possible),
  • port 475 is opened (please refer to the above items),
  • NAT is activated or VPN exists between both locations.

Network installation software license

Activation network software license
  1. Download
    the Professional network installation kit (Company, Office design,..; or
    The Educative network instalaltion kit (School, university,..)
  2. Install the Environment LDK launching the hasp_drivers_setup.bat file ;
  3. Execute the RUS_Terrasol.exe file, choose the first tab "Installation of new protection key" and click on Collect Information to generate a C2V file.
  4. Send the C2V file to Terrasol at support@terrasol.com ;
  5. You will receive from Terrasol the V2C file needed for the installation of your license ;
  6. When you have received the file, execute the RUS_Terrasol.exe file and choose the second tab "Apply License File" ;
  7. Click on the "..." button on the right of the input field, in the bottom of the window ;
  8. In the window that opens, specify the path to the V2C file received  from Terrasol ;
  9. Click on Apply Update. The message "Update applied successfully" should tell you that the operation your license is activated.

When running the software program, click on the "network" icon to run using the software license.

Network installation USB dongle

After following the detailed procedure, 'clients' do not see the network hardlock. How can I solve this problem?

The installation of the network hardlock may require additional setup according to your operating system or network setup.

  1. Check to see if the HASP key is visible by downloading the Diagnostic tool from the Safenet website.
    • Install this on the server.
    • Open port 475 and if necessary download the nethasp.ini file (unzip this file). Define the IP address of the firewall if NAT is activated or the IP address of the server if VPN exists.
  2. In the DOS command window, type the following instruction: "telnet IPServer 475" with the IP address of the server instead of the word "IPServer". Is an error message displayed or not? (the port 475 should be opened so that the network hardlock can work properly). If an error message is displayed, contact your IT department and ask them to open port 475.
  3. It is sometimes necessary to setup the nethasp.ini file (unzip the file):
    • NH_SERVER_ADDR = ( should be replaced with the IP address of the server). This file NetHASP.ini should be placed in the installation directory of Talren 4 for instance (it can also be placed in the C:\Windows\System32 directory, which enables sharing with all other Terrasol programs).
    • in some cases, NH_TCPIP_METHOD = UDP should be changed to NH_TCPIP_METHOD = TCP
    • in some cases, "broadcast" should be "disabled".
I followed the installation procedure for the network hardlock (provided in the Talren v5 manual), but the 'client' computers cannot connect to the network hardlock.

The hardlock key works from a broadcast sent by the 'server', which has to be recognised by all 'client' computers:
- the server (see below for detailed installation)
You must install both the hardlock driver and the license manager on the computer to which the network hardlock will be connected (it can be the network server but it's not compulsory). This can be any computer on the network that is "visible" to all other users. The server should be on all the time and permanently connected to the hardlock.
- the clients
You must install Talren 4 and the local hardlock driver on all client computers. When running Talren v5, select "Network" instead of "Local" on the first menu screen.

Network installation is more complex than single user and it is essential to use the latest drivers to keep up with the latest Windows updates. If you encounter problems, the latest license manager and hardlock driver can be downloaded from the following links:

  • license manager (v8.32, Mai 2008);
  • hardlock driver (both for the server and the users computers,  (version 7.54 - compatible  Windows 10®, Windows 8.1 SP1®, Windows 8®, Windows 7®, 32 and 64 bits) : download, unzip and execute the go.bat file.

Alternatively, if you still encounter problems, please visit the Aladdin website: www.safenet-inc.fr ("Support & downloads", hardlock type is HASP hl, NetHasp).

Detailed installation procedure for the 'server' (please follow the order of operations indicated below)

  1. Disconnect network hardlocks from the server if any.
    If this is your first Aladdin installation, go to step 4.
  2. From the Control panel (Add/Remove programs), uninstall all previous hardlock drivers and license managers on the server.
  3. Reboot the server.
  4. Install the hardlock driver from the link above.
  5. Install the license manager from the link above.
    Important : do not install the hardlock driver when prompted at the end of the license manager installation (versions are incompatible).
  6. Switch the server off, connect the network hardlock and start the server again.
  7. Wait for installation to complete and then run Talren v5 on a 'client' with the program/drivers previously installed (see 'Clients' above), selecting network mode.

HASP hardlock driver

I've already installed the latest hardlock driver, my hardlock is connected and lighted, but the software won't find it. What should I do ?
If you connected several Terrasol hardlocks (for example one for Talren and one for K-Rea), only one of them will be found by the computer. Disconnect the hardlocks that you are not using right now (only one hardlock should remain connected). The last dongle will then be found by the computer. If you need to use several programs at the same time, contact-us for a hardlock exchange: we will provide you with a single hardlock including all the software you bought. You will then be able to use all these programs at the same time on the same computer.
I've just installed Plaxis software and Terrasol software hardlock doesn't work anymore. What should I do ?

The hardlock driver provided by Terrasol also works for Plaxis software, but it's not the same with Plaxis hardlock driver (it doesn't work with Terrasol software). You need to reinstall the hardlock driver provided by Terrasol:

  • Download Sentinel_Haspdinst_7.54.zip (version 7.54 - compatible Windows 10®, Windows 8.1 SP1®, Windows 8®, Windows 7®, 32 bits et 64 bits);
  • Then unzip it and execute the extracted file : go.bat.

If the problem still occurs, contact us or your local agent.


Windows 10 : Font size too small

Display management has changed in the latest editions of Windows 10.
This evolution affects the display of Talren v5.
In order to avoid this inconvenience, you can perform the following operations:

  • Open the Java directory, which is found by default in C: \ Program Files (x86) \
  • Open the "jrexxxx \ bin" subdirectory
  • Right-click the Javaw.exe file
  • Click on the "Properties" menu
  • Display the "Compatibility" tab
  • Settings teh chek box " Replace the high PPP scaling behavior "
  • Drop-down list, select "System" (not "Advanced")
  • Validate
I get trouble when I run Talren after the v5.2.2 update

The update of Talren v5.2.2 needs a Java environement version 8 - 32 bit. Java 6 and 7 are not supported anymore and need be updated. So you could download the following installer : Java 8 update 121.

If this installation doesn't solve your problem, could you re-install the sofware completely. Please download the installer and if the problem still occurs, contact us or your local agent.


The wizard's display is troncated. What can I do ?

To solve this case, please, check the following steps :
- right click on the desktop,
- personalize,
- display : the size of the text and different items set to 100%.
If 100% is already defined :
- change the size to 125%, validate and
- change again the size to 100% and validate

Note :  modifying this parameter modifies also the icons' order of the desktop display.

Why does an anchor have no effect on the results of the installation phase ?
When installation an anchor with no prestress force, the anchor will start working only from the next phase, because only the prestress force is taken into account in the installation phase of the anchor (the anchor stiffness is activated in the next phase).
Are all actions in K-REA independant from each other ?
No, some actions need to be combined with others. For example, the actions "Sheeting installation", "Berm" and "Hydraulic gradient" need to be preceded by an action "Excavation-Water". A warning will be displayed if this is not the case, and this is also highlighted in the technical manual (description of each action).
When activating a strut as the single action in a given phase, the results mention a non-convergence for this phase. Is it normal ?
In K-REA, the action "strut installation" generates no modification of the wall equilibrium. K-REA then displays a non-convergence which only means that the results for this phase are exactly the same as the results for the previous phase (this is valid only if the strut installation is the only action in the phase).


I get trouble when I run Foxta after the v3.2.12 update

The update of Foxta v3.2.12 needs a Java environement version 8 - 32 bit. Java 6 and 7 are not supported anymore and need be updated. So you could download the following installer : Java 8 update 121.

If this installation doesn't solve your problem, could you re-install the sofware completely. Please download the installer and if the problem still occurs, contact us or your local agent.