Rhin-Rhône High Speed Railway Line - Sections A and C - Geotechnical design of structures


Project Owner
Project Manager
SETEC - Terrasol
2003 to 2007
Main specifications
  • About 100 current engineering structures
  • 6 exceptional railway bridges
  • 1 tunnel (2km long)
  • 1 cut and cover

Between 2003 and 2007, TERRASOL conducted all (pre-design, detailed design and tendering) geotechnical studies for all engineering structures located on sections A and C of the Rhin-Rhône High Speed Railway line, linking Dijon to Mulhouse, as well as counter-calculations for approval of contractors’ working studies.

Section A is 55 km long and includes 47 current road bridges, 21 current railway bridges and 4 hydraulic structures. A viaduct crosses the Saône river, with 3 non current railway bridges around. Section C is 31 km long and includes 27 current structures (road bridges and railway bridges), 5 viaducts, 1 cut and cover and the Chavanne tunnel, about 2 km long.
In this context, TERRASOL defined the programs of geotechnical surveys and analysed the campaign results before starting the design studies. TERRASOL also managed the soil surveys on section C.

The magnitude of the project and diversity of structures and geotechnical conditions led to analyse very different geotechnical issues, mobilising major study means, such as:

  • Settlement of large fills and foundations of structures on compressible or creeping soils: design of drainage and preloading operations,
  • Stability of embankments and slopes,
  • Evaluation of the level of karstic risk, and design of improvement solutions below fills and structures supports,
  • Influence of the presence of swelling soils on the design of underground structures (tunnel lining, cut and cover retaining walls),
  • Stability of the tunnel excavation with respect to rock type failure mechanisms, design of the support and lining,
  • Taking into account the seismic context of the region…
TERRASOL's achievements:
  • Definition and analysis of geotechnical surveys for engineering structures, and management of all geotechnical surveys on section C
  • Pre-design, detailed design and tendering geotechnical studies for the foundations and access fills of all engineering structures
  • Approval of contractors' working studies, including counter-calculations