Tunnels and underground structures
  • Metro line 11 - "Mairie des Lilas" station : Creation of 2 new secondary accesses (France)
  • Rennes Metro, a long-lasting involvement - Modelling and works follow-up
  • Aménagement hydraulique de Boutferda - Massif de l'Atlas
  • Stopping a water leak in the LIRE Sud tunnel (France)
Maritime and waterways structures
  • Extension of dock TMDC n°4: Assistance from tendering process until construction phase (France)
  • Pointe des Grives - Extension works for the container terminal (Martinique)
  • Dakar harbour (Senegal)
  • Seismic design of the caisson breakwater - New Port of Tangiers (Morocco)
Soil and rock slopes, natural hazards
  • Connection of the offshore wind farm in Le Treport
  • Saint-Julien Montdenis - Rockfall protection structures
  • Tabarka Fort (Tunisia)
  • Moroccan motorways geotechnical expertises
Civil engineering works
  • At the edge of a delta: the second bridge over the Wouri - Douala (Cameroon)
  • Brazzaville Corniche - CONGO - Brazzaville
  • Riviera-Marcory viaduct - Ivory Coast - Abidjan
  • Cable-stayed bridges, Oyala (Equatorial Guinea)
Retaining structures
  • RD1091 diversion at “Séchilienne Ruins” - Isère, France
  • Headquarters for Investment corporation of Dubai
  • EPR Flamanville (France)
  • EDF Water development project in Gavet (France)
  • New Islamabad International Airport, Pakistan
  • RD1091 diversion at “Séchilienne Ruins” - Isère, France
  • Protection of a gas pipeline from erosion (Yemen)
  • Tabellout dam (Texenna, Algeria)
Soil reinforcement and dynamics
  • Methane terminal in Dunkirk LNG tank foundations
  • Montoir de Bretagne: preloading and reinforcement
  • Backfilling ‘catiches’ in Lille - Nord region, France
  • Dordogne valley embankments - South-Europe Atlantic High Speed Railway Line
Highways and railways infrastructures
  • Renewal of the "Nantes / Saint- Gilles" railway line
  • South Europe Atlantic High Speed Railway Line Tours – Bordeaux, France
  • East-West Highway - Central Section (Algeria)
  • Moroccan motorways geotechnical expertises
Buildings and industrial installations
  • Construction of Roche Diagnostics head office in Meylan (France)
  • 1400 MW combined-cycle power plant on Bellara site – Jijel, Algeria
  • Odéon Tower in Monaco
  • Noor III Solar Project - Ouarzazate (Marocco)