• Major earthworks
    Major earthworks
    A key domain for major projects in soft soil areas or on unstable slopes. TERRASOL offers its competency in slope stability analysis methods and settlement analysis. Special techniques for improving or reinforcing the soils can often lead to original and economic solutions.
  • Highways and railways infrastructures
    Highways and railways infrastructures
    TERRASOL works in co-operation with project management teams or contractors for the study and works supervision of large infrastructures, including soil treatment, cut slopes, embankments on compressible soils and civil works foundations.
  • Bridges, structures, buildings and industrial installations
    Bridges, structures, buildings and industrial installations
    Foundation projects for major structures require stability and deformation analyses. Dynamics analyses and liquefaction studies are also sometimes necessary. TERRASOL can offer optimised solutions, for example with reinforcement by rigid inclusions.
  • Maritime and waterways structures
    Maritime and waterways structures
    These projects more often than not combine retaining structures, shallow or deep foundations and earthworks, generally on difficult ground. TERRASOL is able to analyse the complex soil-structure interaction mechanisms as well as water seepage, one of the fundamental aspects of these structures.
  • Underground structures
    Underground structures
    TERRASOL offers a multi-disciplinary approach for tunnel projects: geology, execution methods, soil-structure interaction mechanisms, evaluation of the induced deformations (notably for projects in soils and soft rocks and in an urban environment), including tunnel-face deformations.
  • Retaining structures
    Retaining structures
    Underground infrastructures combining retaining structures techniques, sometimes playing a supporting role, and soil-structure interaction mechanisms, where TERRASOL has developed specific know-how. In addition, soil reinforcement techniques are often needed, not to mention the hydrogeological aspects.