Chairman's word

Geotechnics is a complex discipline that finds its place at the border of natural science, exact science and construction techniques. It is constantly evolving as the analysis tools and construction processes progress to respond to integrated projects in an environment of ever increasing constraints.

Since its creation in 1979 by François Schlosser, TERRASOL bas been able to adapt to this evolution and develop its specialised know-how through rigour, imagination and dialogue with its partners and clients.

With its integration in 1999 into the SETEC group of multi-disciplinary consultants, TERRASOL has been able to maintain total independance of contractors or financial organisations.

TERRASOL is a recognised leader in the area of geotechnical consulting in France and abroad, offering the following services:

  • Engineering and design of major projects, to give to the geotechnics discipline the place it deserves;
  • Detailed design and expertises on specific geotechnical aspects of works, notably as consultants to contractors;
  • Development and marketing of geotechnical software, leading-edge tools in combination with advanced numerical modelling.

The complementary nature and synergy between these various activities are the foundations of best geotechnical practices that TERRASOL has developed to satisfy the demands of its many clients and retain their confidence.